Member Profile

This is where we tell you about our typical members, but in all honesty we don’t have typical members.

We have children aged 5, 6,7, 8, 9 ……. 17.

We have young adults, middle aged adults and adults who are somewhat older.

We have gentlemen and ladies, and girls and boys.

We have families, we have individuals and we have husbands and wives training.



We have members who are happy to train twice a week.

We have members who participate in local and national competitions.

We have members who have tried out for and been accepted into the Welsh National Shotokan Karate Squad.

We have members who have competed internationally for Wales.

We have members who do not compete at all.

We have members who have been training for 30 years and we have members who have just joined.

We have members who practised Karate when they were younger and have now returned to it.


 The only thing typical about our members is that at some time they decided to give Karate a try.