Frequently Asked Questions


Is Karate expensive?

Not at all. Our Instructors are all unpaid volunteers giving freely of their time because they love Karate. Whilst we do have certain running costs to cover, our club is a non-profit making organisation. This is reflected by our low monthly training fees.

What other costs are involved?

You will need a Karate Licence, issued by the KUGB. It is renewable annually and provides you with insurance cover while training at a KUGB Club such as Kyoshin. The first Licence (which includes your KUGB Record Book) is £22 for children and £25 for adults. Thereafter the annual licence renewal is £17 for children and £18 for adults.



 Do I need a Karate Suit?

To try Karate, you only need to wear loose clothing. Track suit trousers and a T-Shirt are ideal. If you decide to join our Beginners Course, we will order a Karate Suit for you. The cost of this Karate Suit is included in the Beginners Course fee. 

How often do I need to train?

Initially once per week for the duration of our Beginners Course. Thereafter the KUGB guidance applies i.e in order to grade members must be regularly training twice per week.

Will I have to compete?

All members are encouraged to compete, but it is not a requirement.

How old do you have to be to start?

Our insurance allows membership from 5-years old. Karate is practised by men, woman and children alike of all ages. Anyone who has a reasonable level of physical fitness can train at Karate. As with any physical activity, if you have any concerns then it is advisable to consult with your GP, before beginning. Our oldest member joined at the age of 46 is now well over 50 and continues to enjoy Karate.

What are the benefits?

Karate promotes overall fitness, good health and wellbeing. The concentration, commitment and dedication required, assist in the development of a strong character, confidence and determination. Karate provides a disciplined training environment that moulds positive behaviour.

I have a disability.

We are delighted to provide training for disabled and able bodied members. What is crucial is that we ensure your safety at all times. Should you have any particular requirements due to disability, please don’t hesitate to discuss them with our Chief Instructor in complete confidence.

I'm nervous about starting.

Nerves are natural. We are a very friendly club and all of our members support and help each other, be they beginners, or seasoned Karate practitioners. You will be pleasantly surprised at the encouragement you get from other members.